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Rapid Prototypes

protoCAD is a top-notch developer of rapid prototypes and a engineering services bureau. A combination of Pro/Engineer and StereoLithography, and prototype casting has enabled protoCad to meet customer demands resulting in higher quality products reaching the marketplace in shorter time frames.

Improve Designs, Lower Costs
Cut your Product Development Time


Rapid prototypes generated directly from 3D CAD data in a matter of hours without drawings, tooling, or machining.
StereoLithography Apparatus
Stereolithography Apparatus
Device used to create SLA Rapid Prototyes.
Pro/Engineer Computer Aided Design (CAD):
protoCAD has utilized Pro/ENGINEER for CAD engineering for over 15 years.
Silicone Casting
Silicone Casting
Complex silicone parts quickly cast in a variety of colors and duromters.
Rapid Injection Molding
Rapid Injection Molding
Injection molding parts using SLA patterns with epoxy tooling and machined aluminum tooling.
Armor Coating
Armor Coating
StereoLithography and Urethane Castings strengthened and hardened using a thin coating of copper and nickel.
Urethane Casting
Urethane Casting
Quick turnaround rigid and flexible castings utilizing RTV rubber molds.
Prototype Casting
Prototype Casting
We provide cost effective prototype casting options utilizing a combination of the latest technology and design expertise to meet your needs.
Industrial Design
Prototype Casting
protoCAD optimizes function, value, and appearance by integrating industrial design into the engineering design process.
Thermal Analysis
Urethane Casting
protoCAD identifies and optimizes parts and assemblies for thermal performance with CFdesign.
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